Supreme Court Justice Offers Guidance to UVA Law Students

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was at the University of Virginia on Thursday, March 1, to talk to law trainees about his period on the bench and how the United States justice system plays a substantial function in the worldwide neighborhood. The Supreme Court justice of 23 years shared stories from his profession and how a variety of choices the Supreme Court has made have affected other nations around the globe. ” In a specific variety of cases, judges here need to think: ‘and what occurs if other nations follow this exact same concept?'” states Breyer.

He informed trainees that there is no Supreme Court of the world, therefore choices coming out the United States Supreme Court have the tendency to have a significant effect on America is a world leader.  He also worried how essential it is for the United States to continue to work together with other nations around the globe because it’s equally useful. ” If we do not remain in a cooperative relationship with these other nations dealing with these issues, the world will go on without us and there will be something produced and we’ll need to cope with it, therefore, since it will impact us, we are much better off having a function,” states Breyer. Breyer also discussed his newest book, “The Court and the World: American Law and the New Global Realities.” Justice Breyer concluded the occasion by taking concerns from trainees and providing them a little guidance for their future professions.